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Stakeholder Engagement and Civic Dialogue

As part of the Government’s ongoing work on Brexit, a series of consultations and dialogues with civic society have taken place.

Led by a number of Government Ministers, these have been an invaluable opportunity to hear directly about the all-island implications of Brexit, from a variety of stakeholders and across a wide range of sectors.    

All-Island Civic Dialogue: A Compendium

All-Island Civic Dialogue on Brexit

All-Island Civic Dialogue on Brexit

All-Island Civic Dialogue on Brexit

The Fourth Plenary meeting of the All-Island Civic Dialgoue on Brexit

The fourth plenary meeting of the All-Island Civic Dialogue on Brexit took place in Dundalk on 30th April. Since November 2016, over 500 representatives of civic society groups, trade unions, business groups, non-governmental organisations and political parties from across the island have participated in four plenary meetings. The All-Island Civic Dialogue is an important part of the Government's response to Brexit and this stakeholder engagement continues to be invaluable in shaping the Government's approach.

The fourth plenary welcomed EU Chief Negotiator for the Article 50 process, Mr. Michel Barnier. He delivered the keynote address to the plenary session and met with key Brexit stakeholders during the event. Another key focus of this plenary was the perspective of young people regarding Brexit.

Videos from the Second Plenary meeting of the All-Island Civic Dialogue

The second session builds on the work of the first plenary and the fourteen All-Island sectoral dialogues. It also provided a further opportunity to capture the views of those most directly affected from across the island, as we approach the start of formal negotiations.