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Úsáidimid fianáin ionas go bhfaighidh tú an taithí is fearr ar ár láithreán agus comhlíonaimid ár gceanglais Cosanta Sonraí ag an am céanna. Lean ort gan do chuid socruithe a athrú, agus gheobhaidh tú fianáin, nó athraigh do chuid socruithe fianáin ag aon tráth.

Níl an leagan Gaeilge ar fáil go fóill, más maith leat an leagan Béarla a léamh féach thíos.

Minister Martin welcomes publication of Volume VII of Documents on Irish Foreign Policy

The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Micheál Martin, T.D., today welcomed the publication of Volume VII in the series of Documents on Irish Foreign Policy, prepared by the Royal Irish Academy, which covers the period from January 1941 to August 1945.

“I would like to congratulate the Royal Irish Academy on the publication of Volume VII of Documents on Irish Foreign Policy. The documents in this series are a vital resource for anyone interested in Ireland’s history and the shaping of Irish foreign policy.

Against the backdrop of the continuation and ending of World War II, the current Volume in this impressive series covers a very important time in world history. The reporting from Ireland’s diplomats posted abroad for the duration of the war gives an accurate and vivid portrayal of life in cities directly affected by the conflict and the hardships endured.  It was a defining period in the creation of the modern Irish international identity.  The realities of the war and its aftermath impacted on the formulation of Government policies, including our policy of neutrality.  Many of the core values that underpin our foreign policy today, such as our commitment to human rights, support for multilateralism and the pursuit of fairness, can be traced to this turbulent time and its devastating impact. ”

Note for Editors

The Documents on Irish Foreign Policy (DIFP) series was announced in the 1996 White Paper on Irish foreign policy Challenges and opportunities abroad.  The project was established in 1997 as a partnership between the Royal Irish Academy (RIA), the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and the National Archives of Ireland (NAI).


The Department of Foreign Affairs has worked closely with the Royal Irish Academy on the Documents on Irish Foreign Policy project since its inception in 1997.  The project is also supported by the National Archives. Six previous volumes, covering the period from 1919 to 1941, have been published to date. 


Further information on Documents on Irish Policy can be obtained from:

Dr Michael Kennedy

Documents on Irish Foreign Policy Project
National Archives of Ireland
Bishop Street
Dublin 8

Tel:   01 407 2310

Mob: 087 236 5104





Press Office

16 November 2010