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Minister Creighton addresses the Seanad on the EU’s role in enterprise, innovation and job creation

The Minister of State for Europe, Lucinda Creighton T.D., addressed the Seanad this afternoon on the EU’s role in enterprise, innovation and job creation.    In her statement the Minister emphasised the importance of Ireland’s engagement with its EU partners in delivering economic growth and creating an environment that fosters enterprise and innovation.     

The Minister said that access to the EU Single Market is critical to achieving economic growth and to creating jobs.  She called for further deepening and strengthening of the Single Market in particular in the area of services.  The Minister said:

“Ireland’s transformation from a poor country to a wealthy one, with a high standard of living, has been largely down to the opportunities opened up to us through EU membership and particularly the Single Market. For Ireland to emerge from its current challenges, it is clear that deeper cooperation and coordination with our European partners, within the European Union and the Eurozone, is not simply in Ireland’s best interests, it is the only sane and logical direction for this country on our path to recovery.”

The Minister underlined the need for the EU to establish the best conditions for business, ensuring that firms can innovate, restructure and transform themselves.  She underlined the important contribution of the EU Structural Funds (ERDF and ESF) as well as the Cohesion fund in enhancing regional competitiveness and employment objectives.

The Minister reiterated Ireland’s ambition to become a leader in innovation and to develop an innovation-driven economy that maintains competitive advantage and increases productivity.  Innovation, she said, is a key issue for the future prosperity of the EU as a whole.   She added that entrepreneurs and SMEs are at the heart of the EU’s innovation and research policy, commenting that the EU Framework Programme for Research offers Ireland’s SMEs, multinationals and research institutions valuable opportunities to participate in high calibre research collaborations with European counterparts. 

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