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Statement by the Tánaiste on the violent attacks against the British Embassy in Tehran

I join states around the world in strongly condemning yesterday’s violent incursions into the British Embassy compounds in Tehran.

Such actions are unacceptable in civilised relations between states. I remind the Government of Iran of their obligations under international law, including the Vienna Conventions, to protect the persons and property of all diplomatic missions in their territory. The events witnessed yesterday in Tehran are yet another example of Iran failing to honour its international obligations.

I urge the Iranian government to bring those responsible to justice and at the same time to reconsider the proposed expulsion of the UK Ambassador to Iran as a matter of urgency. If Iran fails to take these steps, there are likely to be serious consequences for Iran’s relations with the EU and the wider international community.

I have instructed my Department to make my views on this grave matter fully known to the Iranian Ambassador to Ireland in order that he might convey our views to his authorities at the earliest opportunity.