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Statement by the Tánaiste on the reported death of Col. Gaddafi

“I am aware of the reports that Col. Gaddafi was killed in Sirte earlier today.”

“If the reports are correct, this will bring to an end a sad and bloody chapter in Libya’s history and hopefully also herald the conclusion of the conflict which we have seen in Libya over the past eight months.”

“I salute the Libyan people for their courage and perseverance in overcoming the cruel and oppressive Gaddafi regime.   The international community must now intensify its efforts to promote reconciliation within the country and to support the transformation of Libya into a properly functioning democracy in which the rule of law will be fully respected and basic human rights guaranteed for all.”

“The National Transitional Council has committed itself to appointing as soon as possible an interim government which will work with the UN and the international community to build up the institutions of government, to foster economic development and to arrange for the holding of free and fair elections.    I look forward to the implementation of this commitment and to the emergence as soon as possible of a new, democratic and free Libya.”