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Minister Flanagan holds bilateral talks with Bosnian Foreign Minister, Igor Crnadak


Minister Flanagan holds bilateral talks with Bosnian Foreign Minister, Igor Crnadak

The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade of Ireland, Mr. Charlie Flanagan, T.D., met today with the Foreign Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr Igor Crnadak. This was the first bilateral meeting between the two Ministers and the discussion touched on a range of issues but focussed on Bosnia’s application to join the EU and on Brexit.

Speaking after the meeting, Minister Flanagan said:

I was delighted to welcome Minister Crnadak to Ireland for his second visit – he was here at the EPP Summit in 2014. We have always had a warm relationship with Bosnia and Ireland welcomed many refugees here during the time of the Balkan Wars. Today, we are pleased to see a more stable region, and encourage Bosnia and Herzegovina along its path to membership of the European Union. Today was an important opportunity to hear from Minister Crnadak on the plans of the Bosnian authorities to progress their preparations.

“The UK’s decision to leave the EU was also be discussed, and I outlined Ireland’s priorities for the negotiations ahead. In acknowledging that there will be major challenges ahead for the EU and for Ireland, I also highlighted that the EU remains true to its core values of rule of law, democracy and human rights. These are the values which draw others to us, and they are as important to existing Member States as they are to those who aspire to join the Union.”


Press Office

26 January 2017

Notes to Editors:

(1)    Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is a potential candidate country for membership of the EU. There are five Candidate Countries, four in the Western Balkans and Turkey. Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania are Candidate Countries and Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina are potential candidates.  BiH submitted its application to join the EU in February 2016. The next step involves the completion of a detailed cross-sectoral questionnaire by the Bosnian authorities, after which the European Council will take a decision on granting Candidate Status and opening accession negotiations. Ireland welcomed Bosnia’s application and is a strong supporter of the Enlargement policy of the EY, viewing it as a motivator for peace and stability.

(2)    Ireland’s core priorities in the EU-UK Brexit negotiations ahead are the many complex issues pertaining to Northern Ireland; the Common Travel Area; the economic relationship between Ireland and the EU; and the future of the EU itself.