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Danish Foreign Minister visits border region with Minister Flanagan


Denmark’s Foreign Minister, Mr Anders Samuelsen, will today visit Ireland at the invitation of the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Charlie Flanagan.

The Ministers will travel to the border region, where they will have a bilateral meeting to discuss Brexit and relations between the two countries. They will also see at first hand the implications of Brexit for local businesses and border communities generally.

Speaking before his meeting with Minister Samuelsen, Minister Flanagan said:

“I am delighted to welcome my colleague, Minister Samuelsen, to Ireland. This is his first time in this country, and I am grateful to him for taking the time to visit Dublin and the border region. I have already had a number of discussions with Minister Samuelsen on the implications of Brexit. Denmark joined the EC together with the UK and Ireland in 1973, and Brexit is likely to be felt very keenly in Denmark, as it will in Ireland. The imposition of any trade barriers in particular would have a major impact.

"The complex constitutional arrangements in Northern Ireland, the experiences of border communities in the past and the interwoven nature of relationships on the island can be best understood by a visit to the area and I am grateful to Minister Samuelsen for taking the time to come to Ireland.

“This visit is part of the Government’s ongoing intensive programme of diplomatic outreach to our EU partners to help increase their understanding of how Brexit will uniquely effect people across this island. Minister Samuelsen’s visit is the latest in a series of visits my foreign ministers and other eminent persons to the border region, to see the potential impact of Brexit”.

Minister Samuelsen said:

"My visit to Ireland is a welcome chance to discuss how to further enhance the close Danish Irish cooperation within the EU, now and after Brexit. I look forward to a close and constructive conversation with my Irish colleague on this issue.”

Press Office
02 June 2017