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Minister of State Cannon announces funding of $100,000 to Quinnipiac University

Minister of State Cannon announces funding of $100,000 to Quinnipiac University


 The Minister of State for Diaspora and International Development, Mr. Ciarán Cannon has today announced funding of $100,000 for a major exhibition which will be brought to Ireland next year by Quinnipiac University.


As we note the Annual National Famine Commemoration today, I am delighted to announce Government support for this important exhibition and the opportunity to partner with Ireland's Great Hunger Museum at Quinnipiac University. This museum has an unrivalled collection of art, artefacts and literature relating to the Great Hunger, which is a key ‘foundation narrative’ for many of our diaspora in the US.


This extremely important exhibition also links Ireland’s experience during the Famine, and our migration, to our efforts today through the Irish Aid budget to alleviate hunger. For this reason I am particularly honoured to support this project in my dual role as Minister for the Diaspora and International Development.  Emigration, whilst painful to have endured, has enabled Ireland to create positive connections with many countries around the globe.


And together with the nations that are home to our diaspora, Ireland has stepped up to provide leadership in responding to the unacceptable tragedy of repeated and persistent famine in more fragile parts of the globe.


Our understanding of famine and emigration runs deep, informing a generous humanitarian impulse and strong ambitions to eradicate poverty, hunger and malnutrition.  In 2016 Ireland spent 190 million euro responding to the unprecedented level of humanitarian crises around the world.


And while we respond to immediate needs, we also focus on the long term, on smallholders and their production of climate adapted and nutritious crops.  With the aid that we invest on the nutrition of mothers and their children, we are proud to be one of the most generous of peoples building the foundations of a more famine resistant world.” 



Note for Editors:


  • This project is being funded through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s diaspora affairs budget, which focuses on strategic projects linking our diaspora to communities in Ireland. This complements the work of the Emigrant Support Programme which provides funding of €11,595,000annually to support funding to not-for-profit organisations and projects to support Irish communities overseas and to facilitate the development of more strategic links between Ireland and the global Irish community.  


  • Through Irish Aid, part of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Ireland is one of the most generous countries on a per capita basis tackling global hunger and malnutrition.  Ireland remains on track to meet a commitment to double our spend on nutrition by 2020.