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Global Ireland Media Fund

Global Ireland Media Challenge Fund – enabling Citizen Engagement


The Department of Foreign Affairs is establishing a Global Ireland Media Challenge Fund.  The Fund will help enable and enhance citizen engagement in the context of Ireland taking a seat on the United Nations Security Council and more widely in the development of the Government’s Global Ireland Programme - growing our footprint, impact and influence in the world.


Given the significance of the Security Council seat for Ireland, a comprehensive and structured programme of engagement with citizens and stakeholders will be organised setting out the issues, rationale, and benefits relating to Ireland’s membership of the UN Security Council and our wider global engagement. The Fund is a key element of this engagement. 


The Global Ireland Media Challenge Fund will be dedicated to facilitating media coverage of global developments impacting on Ireland, both in our role on the Security Council and more widely.


The Fund will advance the principle of ‘Open Government’ by providing better public information on activities relating to the values underpinning Ireland’s Security Council campaign - Empathy, Partnership and Independence and will include the Global Ireland programme.


Editorial independence within the overall terms of the initiative will be a bedrock principle of the Fund.


The Fund, €900k per annum, will be administered by the Department of Foreign Affairs and will operate for a pilot period of 2 years, with an annual review. It will be operational early in 2021 along with the publishing of an invitation for submissions. 


Applications to the fund will remain open through the year and adjudication of submissions will take place on a case by case basis. For further queries on the fund please mail at


During the period of the UN Security Council, the Minister of Foreign Affairs will also periodically convene ‘The Global Ireland Leadership Forum’.  The Forum will act as a means of two-way engagement with key representatives across Irish society for an open dialogue on Ireland’s role on the Security Council, wider foreign policy issues (including economic recovery, global health and climate action), and implementing the Global Ireland Programme in the post Covid period. Prospective Members of the Leadership Forum will be invited to participate in January 2021.


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