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General Travel Advisory for Irish citizens traveling overseas

Today the Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Simon Coveney T.D. has issued a general travel advisory for Irish citizens traveling overseas. 

“Flight restrictions and route cancellations are happening on a daily basis worldwide and there is no guarantee that air routes will continue to operate for the coming weeks. 

"For this reason, where commercial flights are still an option, we recommend that people who wish to do so make arrangements to return to Ireland as soon as possible. 

"We are aware that this is a stressful situation for citizens and our embassy network is working around the clock to provide them with all the information and assistance that we can, bearing in mind the situation is unfolding across multiple countries and is not one under our control. 

“We are working with airlines to show maximum flexibility to those passengers who need to change their existing flight arrangements.”

Travel Advisoryfor Great Britain 

“The availability of transport from Great Britain to Ireland is subject to change. Flights and ferry services continue to operate between Great Britain and Ireland. Some flight operators have already announced that service will reduce in the coming days. We recommend that Irish visitors to Great Britain closely monitor public announcements regarding the scheduling of flight and ferry services, and be prepared to adjust their travel plans accordingly.”



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