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Minister Brophy launches consultation process for for Development Education

Minister Colm Brophy launches Irish Aid consultation process for Development Education and Global Citizenship


New education strategy aims to engage with all sectors of Irish society


The Minister of State for Overseas Development, Colm Brophy TD., has launched a public consultation process for a new Irish Aid strategy to engage and inform the public about Development Education and Global Citizenship.


Minister Brophy said:


“Let’s have a conversation about how we in Ireland learn about the issues facing the developing world and how Ireland plays its part in delivering change for the better.  The past year has shown just how interconnected we are with the world beyond our island.  Our wellbeing is dependent on making progress globally on issues such as climate change, public health and hunger.


“Teaching our citizens, both young and old, about the work Irish Aid is involved in and how we tackle the challenges being faced by countries in the developing world is both a priority and a necessity.


“Irish Aid currently works with schools, Third Level Institutions, NGOs, adult, youth and community sectors to encourage understanding of the issues facing the global community. These issues include climate change, hunger, conflict and injustice. And we want to work with more, ensuring our reach is as broad as possible.


“I would like to invite all parties who may be interested in sharing ideas to get in contact with Irish Aid by making a submission and join us in the virtual town hall meetings I will be hosting next month. Perhaps you are involved in our own community in delivering education, or in a voluntary capacity with local projects. You may be involved with a youth group, or an active retirement association. Whatever your interest, your experience and interest matters to us – get in touch and join us in our discussions.”


The new Development Education and Global Citizenship strategy – which will be launched in the summer – will set out how Irish Aid will work in these areas up to the end of 2024.


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