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Statement by Minister for Foreign Affairs on coup in Myanmar

I remain deeply concerned at the removal of the elected Government in Myanmar.  The international community now needs to devise a firm response to this seizure of power by the military.

Ireland stands with the people of Myanmar and calls for the immediate and unconditional release of all political leaders, human rights defenders and activists detained for political reasons.

We must also now establish a package of measures, including sanctions, that are appropriate, that target the perpetrators of the coup, and that do not negatively impact vulnerable communities in Myanmar.

This is something that Ireland and the EU are working urgently on and will be discussed at this month’s Foreign Affairs Council.

I welcome the united position taken by the UN Security Council, and we will continue to work with our partners on the Council and with countries in the region in response to this crisis.

We will also continue to support humanitarian assistance to vulnerable communities in Myanmar, including internally displaced persons, and I call for unhindered access for humanitarian workers to all regions. 

It is important that people in Myanmar are free to peacefully and safely express their views. In that regard, I call on the Myanmar military to respect the fundamental rights of protestors and to exercise restraint in their conduct.



11 FEBRUARY 2021


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