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Statement by Minister for Foreign Affairs on UK Government Legacy Proposals

We have agreed to have a process of intensive engagement with the British Government and the NI parties to find a collective way forward on legacy issues and that should be the focus now.

The 2014 Stormont House agreement provides the framework but we have always been ready to discuss agreed ways to strengthen it further, or address specific concerns around it. 

We do not believe the UK proposals published today can be the basis for dealing with legacy cases, or would be supported by the parties or people in Northern Ireland, and there will be a strong onus on the UK Government in the engagement process to explain how their proposals could fully comply with their ECHR and other legal and international human rights obligations, or properly meet the needs of victims and their families.

Above all, only through a collective approach can we hope to deal with these issues comprehensively and fairly and in a way that meets the needs of bereaved families and victims, and society as a whole. 


Press Office

14 July 2021

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