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Minister Byrne signs EU Transparency Pledge as part of Conference on the Future of Europe

The Minister of State for European Affairs, Thomas Byrne, T.D., has joined a number of his fellow EU Ministers and Members of the European Parliament in signing an EU Transparency Pledge. The pledge comes ahead of the launch of the 2nd European Citizens’ Panel of the Conference on the Future of Europe, taking place in Strasbourg this weekend.

 Led by the Ministers for European Affairs of Denmark, Germany and The Netherlands, the pledge calls for a European Union that is accountable, effective and transparent and which engages and involves EU citizens. The pledge commits the signatories to take steps to ensure the EU decision-making process becomes more open so that citizens can better follow how decisions are made in the EU.

 Speaking following the signing of the pledge, Minister Byrne said:

 “I am very pleased to sign this transparency pledge on behalf of Ireland. In recent years, the EU and its Institutions have shown an increased commitment to pursuing the principles of transparency and accountability. However, there is still more that can be done so that citizens can better follow the EU’s democratic processes, and understand how decisions affecting their lives are made.

 The EU should also set a strong example internationally as having an effective, inclusive and transparent decision-making process. I would encourage citizens taking part in the Conference on the Future of Europe to engage in the discussions on how the EU can foster a higher degree of transparency in its work.”

 Suggestions and ideas as to how the EU can become more transparent can be made on the Conference platform,, which is open to all European citizens.


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