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Minister Brophy welcomes President Zelenskyy highlighting global food security

Minister for Overseas Aid, Colm Brophy T.D., has welcomed the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, highlighting the impact on global food security of Russia’s war in Ukraine while addressing the Houses of the Oireachtas today.

Speaking to members of the Oireachtas this morning in a historic address, President Zelenskyy spoke eloquently of the wider humanitarian consequences of the war, particularly the food security of millions, given the significance of both Ukraine and Russia in global food systems.

Minister Brophy said:

“While working to ease the suffering of the Ukrainian people is President Zelenskyy’s primary concern, it is to his credit that he reminded us that Russia’s war in Ukraine may also have a severe impact on vulnerable people in other parts of the world. I share his concern that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine may be the catalyst for a wider humanitarian crisis.

“Ukraine and Russia are leading exporters of wheat, sunflower oil and fertilisers. I am worried about the potential consequences of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine for people in Africa and the Middle East. As a result of the war, wheat rationing has already been introduced in Lebanon, a country where three quarters of the population are already vulnerable.

“I am also very conscious that the World Food Programme, which feeds over 115 million people in vulnerable places such as Syria, Yemen, and the Horn of African, sources half its grain from Ukraine and is now facing higher prices and supply constraints. Ireland has contributed €25 million to the World Food Programme this year to support its life-saving work.

“We have so far committed €20 million to the humanitarian response in Ukraine and neighbouring countries. Ireland responds effectively to humanitarian crises around the world. For example, we recently announced €5 million to support humanitarian relief in Yemen and we continue to fund humanitarian relief in Syria, Somalia, South Sudan and many other countries around the world.

“Crucially, we are also working to help countries avoid food shortages. As well as continuing to be a leading humanitarian donor, Irish Aid will invest over €800 million between now and 2027 in building global food systems.”


Press Office

6 April 2022

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