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Statement on Sudan by the Tánaiste

I am deeply disturbed by the news that military and armed militia forces in Sudan have commenced new rounds of fighting, launching attacks in civilian areas in Khartoum and across the country in Darfur, Kordofan and Northern State, once again resorting to violence in order to consolidate their control over the future of Sudan. The pictures from Sudan this morning, with the airport under attack, military aircraft in the skies and civilians once more cowering at home, are completely unacceptable. Hostilities must cease, access must be provided for the provision of essential medical and humanitarian aid, and civilians protected.


I extend my deep condolences to the families and victims of those killed and injured across the country, and express the solidary of the people of Ireland with the people of Sudan as they face into this new tragedy, including with the Sudanese community living here in Ireland.

The people of Sudan have been consistent in their message that legitimacy cannot come from violence and that the country’s transition must be led by a civilian administration committed to freedom, peace and justice.  

The cost of this reckless action for the people of Sudan and for the region, are immense. The international community must be clear in its response.


My Department, including our Embassy in Nairobi, will continue to monitor the situation closely, and to work with our partners in the region, within the European Union, and at the United Nations, to seek to end the violence.



16 April 2023

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