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Public Consultation for DSA for Citizenship Data

The Department of Foreign Affairs is intending to enter into a Data Sharing Agreement with the Department of Justice under the Data Sharing and Governance Act 2019. The proposed agreement, A Data Sharing Agreement between the Department of Justice and the Department of Foreign Affairs, will be available for public consultation at

The start date for public consultation is the 10th February 2022 and will run for a period of 28 days. Public consultation will end on the 9th March 2022. Submissions will not be accepted once the public consultation period has expired.

You are invited to make submissions by email to Please include the full Data Sharing Agreement name “DOJDFA_001_220203 - DSA for Citizenship Data” in the subject line. Please note that only submissions made to this email will be accepted.

Documents for reference are:

DOJDFA_001_220203 - DSA for Citizenship Data.pdf*

*(Please note that this PDF document also includes a Data Protection Officer (DPO) statement and a Data Privacy Impact Assessment (DPIA) where appropriate).

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