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How much does an Irish Passport cost?

The fee depends on the type of passport you apply for:

Fees are effective from 30 March 2017

Service Type Fees (Euro) Fees (RMB)
Adult 10 year €95 705
Adult large 10 year €125 930
Minor, age 0 – 17 years, 5 year passport €45 335
Emergency Travel Document* €30 225
Additional Fees    
Out of hours fee** €80 595
Passport Certification Fee*** €40 295

*This fee applies to both Emergency Travel Certificates and emergency passports.

**The fee is additional to the fee for the passport itself.

***This a standard consular fee that is charged for the verification or certification of any document

Courier Fee

  • Courier fee is RMB30

Fees for Passport applications submitted to the Consulate in Shanghai may be paid in cash, by Chinese postal order or by bank transfer.

Postal orders should be made out to: [爱尔兰驻上海总领事馆] (Consulate General of Ireland Shanghai). The applicant’s name and date of birth should be written in the comments at the bottom of the postal order.

In the event the application is for a child please have the name of the buyer of the postal order written on the back.

The Consulate cannot accept payments by personal cheque, Euro cash, or credit card.