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St. Patrick's Day

St Patrick’s Day is a time of celebration in Ireland and for all those of Irish descent and affinity around the world. It is a great time for Ireland to engage with and thank long-standing partners, friends, voluntary and community organisations and Irish communities around the world for their ongoing support and the contributions they make overseas.

St Patrick's Day also gives us a valuable opportunity to show the world that Ireland is open for business and to underline the close links between key trading partners. It also affords us an unrivalled opportunity to show the world the very best of our culture. Events celebrating Irish culture take place in cities and towns across the globe and Austria is no exception!

The Riesenrad in Vienna goes green for St Patricks Day 2015. (c) Andreas Svirak

St Patrick’s Day in Austria

The Embassy, along with Irish community groups across Austria, participates in and organises many special events to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and to use the opportunity to promote Ireland in cooperation with other State Agencies.

The annual St Patrick’s Day Parade has become a fixture in Austria’s cultural calendar. The Embassy supports and works actively with Irish community associations and societies in Austria to organise this popular and colourful event.

The parade commences at the Schottenstift monastery in Vienna, which was founded by Irish monks (Scoti) in the twelfth century and plays host to the annual St Patrick’s Day mass.

Austria and the Global Greening

Austria is an enthusiastic participant in the Global Greening Initiative. Our partners include the Wiener Riesenrad, the Burgtheater (pictured above and below respectively in 2018) as well as the bridges over the Danube to name but a few.

Greening of Burgtheater Wien