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Consular Fees

The following is a list of fees charged for Consular Services carried out by the Embassy of Ireland. For further details on these services please check the relevant section of our website.

Service ProvidedFee €Plus Postage € (if applicable)
Foreign Births Registration
Registration fee and certificate (aged 18 or over) 278.00 Included
Registration fee and certificate (aged under 18) 153.00 Included
Witnessing*, signatures, Apostilles
Verifying or certifying a copy of a document* 40.00 7.00
Attesting the signature or seal of a non-Irish official document 40.00 5.00
Issuing an Apostille 40.00 5.00
Issuing a certificate for getting married (CdC) plus Apostille 66.00 Included
Consular Assistance
For arranging the repatriation of an Irish citizen 100.00 N/A
For arranging the collection of funds for an Irish citizen 60.00 N/A
Additional charges
Provision of any of the above at a location other than the Embassy (excluding passport/travel documents) 50.00 per hour (daily max 300) N/A
Provision of any of the above outside of Embassy opening hours (excluding passport/travel documents) 50.00 per hour (daily max 300) N/A

*Please note that, other than in genuine documented emergencies, the Embassy of Ireland no longer provides certified copies of documents (except for Irish passports and Irish issued birth/adoption/marriage/death certificates), witnesses statutory declarations or takes oaths or affidavits.

These services are readily available at the offices of a notary public or a lawyer. Our New in Belgium page has instructions on how to find English speaking notaries and lawyers.