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Food and Agriculture

Ireland is a green, sustainable, food island

Ireland has a green, clean, island environment with a temperate climate that provides ideal conditions for agricultural food production.

Our world-class farms produce highest-quality food in a sustainable system with modern agricultural technologies.

Ireland is a major food exporter, exporting over 80% of the food we produce to some 140 countries worldwide. We are one of the largest exporters of high-quality beef and dairy products in the world. Irish food companies have a global footprint and are recognised for their quality natural products and stringent food safety systems.

Cooperation in Agriculture is one of the important elements in the Strategic Partnership between Ireland and China. Food and food products represent an important part of Ireland’s exports to China, including in dairy products and ingredients, pork, seafood. Ireland is currently negotiating market access for Irish beef.

Our dairy industry alone accounts for more than one tenth of the world’s output of infant formula, and we are the largest net exporter of beef in the northern hemisphere. We have some 7,500 km of coastline, rich in aquatic life and forming an exceptional environment for seafood.

Bord Bia is the Irish government agency responsible for the growing the success of Irish food and drink exports. For more information, contact the Shanghai office: