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Consular Fees

Consular Fees

Customers need to pay for consular services by depositing the relevant amount in the Embassy's bank account; payment via credit card or cheque will not be accepted. Please contact us to request our bank account details.

The Embassy will only accept payment in cash in cases of absolute emergency.

Fees for our consular services are given below. Consular services can only be paid for in Colombian pesos. Euro amounts listed below are for reference only and do not include the bank's transaction fee of COP $2,261. The peso amounts given below include this transaction fee.

After depositing the relevant fee in the Embassy's account, customers should email proof of the deposit (see Contact Us), stating in the subject line the customer's name, the amount deposited, and the type of service for which the fee was made – e.g. "John Murphy, COP $147,936, certification of document". If the payment is made for a visa, please email us the same information, and also include the payment slip as part of your application’s supporting documents.

The peso figure listed below is based on the DFAT exchange rate as per September 2020. *

Consular service fees

  • Visa (single-entry): COP $270,026 (€60)
  • Visa (multiple-entry): COP $448,537 (€100)
  • Visa (transit): COP $113,830 (€25)
  • Document certification: COP $180,771 (€40)
  • Emergency Travel Certificates: COP $136,143 (€30)**
  • Emergency passports: COP $136,143 (€30)**
  • Passports (paper-based application): Standard 10-year Passport: COP $426,223 (€95)
  • Large 10-year passport (available on request to very frequent travellers aged 18 and older): COP $560,106 (€125)
  • Standard 5-year passport (issued to those under 18): COP $203,085 (€45)

*€1 = COP $4462,76
**Plus COP $359,281 (€80) out-of-hours fee, if applicable

Postage fees*

  • Standard national courier service – main cities: COP $15,000 (€4.35)
  • Standard national courier service – other areas: COP $28,000 (€8.15)

*Postage fees are estimated; contact the Embassy to receive an exact quote.