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Irish films at PÖFF

20th Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF) is taking place between 11th -27th November and during this period there will be, as always, some Irish films screened

Ambassador Frank Flood has been in contact with the organisers of PÖFF as part of the Embassy’s longstanding support for the festival and has highlighted the importance of 2016 in Ireland to the organisers. In recognition, to mark the centenary of the Easter Rising 1916, Sleepwalkers (PÖFF's international short film festival) will screen a special programme of Irish short films called AFTER'16, which is the Irish Film Board's cultural contribution to the 1916 Rising centenary to commemorate, celebrate and reflect on 1916. The filmmakers have given their response to 1916 and the hundred years since - the programme will tell stories, both fact and fiction, which illuminate, surprise and even provoke the wide subject of 1916 and what it has left in its wake.
The AFTER'16 short films will be on screen on Tuesday 15th November at 20:00 in SuperNova Cinema at Narva Road 27, Tallinn
For more information, please see   
Before the screening, Ambassador Frank Flood will make a short introduction.
Please note that all SuperNova screenings are for free!
Secondly, the Embassy is happy to welcome at the festival Irish producer Julie Ryan and camera operator John Kennedy of the Irish comedy film The Young Offenders (in Estonian "Süüdlased"). The film by the Irish writer-director Peter Foott will be screened in the festival programme Forum in Tallinn cinemas on 18th,19th and 26th November. For more information and tickets, please see
On Saturday, 19th November in Artis Cinema in Solaris Centre (Tallinn), the Ambassador and the Irish guests named above will introduce the film before the screening, which will begin at 22:00.
Thirdly, Ciaran Creagh’s drama film In View (in Estonian "Vaateväljas") will also be on the screen as part of the festival programme Forum on 20th and 22nd November in Tallinn. For more information and tickets, please see
See you in the cinema!