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Yeats Friendship Calendar

To mark the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising and the birth of Irish republic, the year of commemoration started with launching a W.B. Yeats' poetry-themed calendar.

Yeats Calendar

Maria Kerin and Michael Walsh, in association with members of the Irish ‘Outrider Artists’ and of Estonian artists’ group ‘Vedelik’, have produced a bilingual friendship calendar for the years 2016-2017 based on artists’ interpretations-inspirations of the poems written by W.B. Yeats. 24 artists were asked to visually respond to a poem of their choice from W.B.Yeats "Luulet"(translated into Estonian in 1990) as 2015 was his 150th anniversary.

To mark the occasion of the presentation of the calendar, the Ambassador of Ireland, Mr. Frank Flood and his wife Ms Órla Ní Bhróithe hosted a small reception on January 14th.

The calendar itself is available for free download upon request. Please contact the Embassy to get the details.