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Doing Business with Ireland

The Embassy of Ireland in Estonia works closely with Irish state agencies to promote trade, tourism and investment.

We can, in support of Enterprise Ireland and the relevant State Agencies:


  • Support Irish companies who want to find and access new markets.
  • Provide general advice on doing business locally and, through our network of contacts, pursue export and investment opportunities that will benefit Ireland
  • Promote Irish products to secure market access.

Recent Business Visits

In June 2015, Min. Séan Sherlock led the Estonian leg of an inaugural Enterprise Ireland Baltic Market Study Visit to Estonia involving ten Irish firms from a number of sectors. This visit followed that of a trade mission by Invest Northern Ireland to Estonia in February 2015 as part of its now Baltic Market annual mission. The business delegation of British-Estonian Chamber of Commerce visited Belfast and Dublin in October 2013 for various meetings. In November 2013 an Estonian public-private financial sector cluster organisation called Finance Estonia visited Dublin.


Bilateral trade in goods and services is relatively modest in the region of €100m p.a. In 2014, Ireland ranked as Estonia’s 35th trade partner, the main imported articles from Ireland were machinery and equipment (47 %) and chemical products (20.6 %). Main export articles from Estonia were machinery and equipment (62.4%) and timber products (20.8%). Overall trade in goods increased by 28% in the first half of 2015.


According to the Bank of Estonia, as of 30 June 2015, Irish companies had made direct investments totaling €75.6m in value in Estonia, which makes up 0.5% of all foreign investments in Estonia. Most Irish investments were made in real estate, wholesale and retail trade, agriculture, and wood processing. In 2014, Estonian companies had invested €0.8m