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New to Estonia?

If you have recently moved to Estonia, it can take some time to adapt to your new environment. Please find below some general advice and information.

Tallinn, Estonia

Entry requirements (visa/passport)

Irish citizens don not need a visa to enter Estonia.


Irish citizens can stay or look for work in Estonia for three months without having to register their right of residence.

However, if you intend to stay in Estonia for longer than three months, you will need to register with the local authorities.

Citizens of the European Union who wish to settle in Estonia or want to be granted right of residence, must submit an application for a personal identification code in the city or rural municipal agency of their residence and a notice of residence to register their residence. For this purpose, they have to go in person to the city or rural municipal agency of their residence. For a minor child or child under guardianship, the application for a personal identification code and notice of residence can be submitted by a parent or guardian.

Upon registration of residence, a citizen of the European Union is automatically granted a temporary residence permit for five years in Estonia. In order to be granted an ID-card certifying the right of residence, the person should turn to the Police and Border Guard Board after registering his or her residence.

You should also register your stay in Estonia with the Embassy. By registering with us, we will be able to contact you and if necessary to provide assistance to you and your family in Ireland. We will only retain your details for the duration of your stay in Estonia.

Dual citizenship

Estonian legislation does not accept dual citizenship. An Irish person who acquires Estonian citizenship will have to renounce his/her Irish citizenship.