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Consular Fees

Below you will find information on consular fees for services carried out by the Embassy of Ireland in Helsinki. For further details on consular services, please check the relevant section of our website.

  1. Foreign Birth Registration (under 18): 145 EUR
  2. Foreign Birth Registration (over 18): 270 EUR
  3. For verifying or certifying a copy of any document: 40 EUR
  4. For attesting the signature or seal of a foreign Authority: 40 EUR
  5. For arranging the repatriation of a person: 100 EUR
  6. For arranging the collection of funds for an Irish citizen: 60 EUR
  7. For issuing a certificate to an Irish citizen in connection with marriage abroad: 60 EUR
  8. For administering an oath or receiving a declaration or affirmation: 60 EUR
  9. For each diplomatic or consular signature attached to an exhibit referred to affidavit or declaration: 40 EUR

Please see the full list of current consular fees.