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How to apply for a Passport

Information on how to apply for an Irish passport.

It takes 4-6 weeks to process an Irish passport application.

Application forms are available from the Embassy of Ireland in New Delhi or through our Honorary Consulates in Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Nepal or Sri Lanka.

You cannot download the application form.

Contact the Embassy of Ireland

In general, you need to submit the following:

  • The fee
  • 4 photos, 2 certified
  • Your civil birth certificate
  • Your most recent Irish passport
  • Your civil marriage certificate, if applicable

In the case of children, we may request a letter with attached photo from their school or their medical doctor if it is a first time applicant or if the previous passport picture is quite old.

Every passport application form comes with a photograph guidelines page.
You should bring the guidelines with you to the photo studio.

On the side of the photograph guidelines with the detailed information use, there is a small plastic pocket. Insert the photograph into the pocket to check that it’s the correct size

Make sure that it is a white background, not coloured.

Check the photographs carefully, even if the studio has done them before. The requirements for an Irish passport are very different to an Indian passport.

Check that your skin tone is natural.

Please do not manipulate the image to make it fit the photograph requirements. The application will be rejected if it is not an accurate picture.

The Embassy will ring and check every witness before beginning to process your application. Your witness must be one of the professions listed on the form and they must complete section 9 by hand.

Please let your witness know that the Embassy will be calling during working hours to confirm that they witnessed your form. The Embassy cannot call outside of working hours. The witness should be able to speak English or Hindi to communicate with the Embassy.

If we cannot contact your witness, or they refuse to take our phone calls, your application will be rejected.

The consular service fees for issue of Passports or emergency travel document are as follows:

Consular Service                                                             

Adult 10 year Standard Passport: Rs.6,700
Adult 10 year Large Passport: Rs.8,800
Minor, age 0-17 years, 5-year Passport: Rs.3,200
Emergency Travel Document* : Rs.2,100                                          

* This fee applies to both Emergency Travel Certificates and Emergency passports.  

The Embassy does not accept electronic payments (online transfer/Credit & Debit card payments).

Please pay by Bank draft if applying by post.

The draft should be made out in Indian rupees, in favour of 'Embassy of Ireland'

If you have lost your passport in India, it can take up to a week to issue an emergency travel document.

You need to provide the following original documents. If you do not have the originals in India, the originals must be brought to the Passport Office in Dublin or Cork to be seen. They will then send on copies to the Embassy.

Evidence of your entitlement to Irish citizenship so one of the following documents:

  • Long form birth certificate (if born on the island of Ireland)
  • Long form birth certificate of Irish parent (if you were not born on the island of Ireland)
  • Naturalisation certificate (if you are a naturalised Irish citizen)

Evidence of your identity

  • Another form of photo identity
  • Proof of name from a debit/credit card, a library card, student card
  • Proof of address e.g. bank statement, social welfare letter etc.

Evidence that your passport has been lost/stolen

  • FIR (First Incident report from police)

Application form

  • Completed application form
  • 4 Passport sized photographs

Once you have received a new travel document, you must go to the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) to have your visa re-fixed to your new passport or to obtain an exit visa. You cannot leave India without an exit visa.

If you do not live in Ireland, or plan to travel to another country, you must check if the authorities will accept a temporary passport. If you require a full Irish passport, this will take 4 to 6 weeks to process.