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Doing Business with Ireland

At the Embassy, we work closely with Irish state agencies to promote trade, tourism and inward investment.

Business Ireland Kenya

The Embassy of Ireland supports Business Ireland Kenya, as part of a wider programme of work being undertaken at the Embassy in support of the implementation of the Government's Policy on International Development, and the Africa Strategy.

Business Ireland Kenya, alongside the Embassy, arranges regular meetings with invited speakers from the Kenyan government, agencies and different industries.

Business Ireland Kenya has also recently launched a website for the organisation which facilitates networking and contains a range of information on the business environment in Kenya, and East Africa. 

The main objectives of Business Ireland Kenya are to:

  1. Allow Irish people doing business or wishing to start a business in Kenya to have a focal support organisation to call upon;
  2. Ensure Irish people doing business in Kenya are aware of each other and can provide mutual support;
  3. Ensure Irish business and trade grows between Ireland and Kenya;
  4. Make Irish people better aware of business opportunities in the region.

If you are interested in doing business in Kenya, Business Ireland Kenya can provide valuable assistance and an opportunity to network and make business contacts.

A guide to doing business in Kenya has been developed in conjunction with the Embassy.

There is also information on doing business in East Africa

Business Ireland Kenya also encourages Kenyans interested in business in Ireland to join. Business Ireland Kenya can also assist Kenyan companies interested in doing business in Ireland.

For more information on Business Ireland Kenya, please contact the Embassy of Ireland.

State Agencies

We also work closely with key Irish state agencies to promote trade, tourism and inward investment, including among others:

Enterprise Ireland

Enterprise Ireland (EI) is the government organisation responsible for developing and growing Irish enterprises in world markets. It has a network of nine regional offices throughout Ireland and over 30 international locations, including in South Africa which oversees East Africa and Nigeria.

Bord Bia

The Irish Food Board, also known as Bord Bia, acts as a link between Irish food, drink and horticulture suppliers and existing and potential customers throughout the world.