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Lost or Stolen Passports

If your passport has been lost, stolen or damaged, it is possible to renew your passport online 

If your passport has been lost, stolen or damaged, and you are submitting a paper application you must:

  • Complete Section 6 of the application form, explaining how your previous passport was lost, stolen or damaged
  • Have it witnessed and stamped by the same person who witnessed Section 9 of your application

If you lose two or more passports, it may restrict the period of validity for your next passport and it may not be possible to receive your passport in the regular turnaround period.


Do not, under any circumstances, try to travel on a passport that has been reported as lost or stolen.

If your passport was lost or stolen while visiting Malta, the Embassy of Ireland in Malta may be able to issue you with an Emergency Travel Certificate (ETC) – see opening hours and contact details under 'Useful Contacts'. Please bring:

  • police report
  • 4 passport size photos
  • a copy of your return travel itinerary
  • a fee of €30 in cash
  • any other additional ID you may have
  • in certain circumstances, there may be additional requirements which the Embassy can advise of