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How to Apply for a Passport

Apply Online

Irish citizens who have previously held an Irish Passport must renew their Passport Book or Passport Card using Passport Online.

First Time Applicants must apply using a paper application form through their local Irish Embassy or Consulate General.

Apply Online

Apply Offline

Passport Online is not yet available in your region for first time applicants. You must apply using a paper application form.

If you are resident outside of Ireland and do not qualify for or wish to use the online system, you need to use an APS2 application form.

It is available in Irish (APS2G) and in English (APS2E).

APS2 forms are available:

Further Information

Please see the detailed Documentary Requirements for Passport Applications page from the Passport Service.

Please see the detailed Photo Guidelines page from the Passport Service.

Please see the detailed How to get your application witnessed page from the Passport Service.

Please see the detailed Consent for Children page from the Passport Service.


Please see the detailed Passport Fees page on the main Department of Foreign Affairs website.

Fees may vary - this is due to the different postage/courier fees that may apply. Online applications are also subject to courier fees.

Passport Fees
Standard 10 Year Available only to those 18 years and older €95 or MXN equivalent (€75 online)
Large 10 Year Available on request to very frequent travellers aged 18 and older €125 or MXN equivalent (€105 online)
Standard 5 Year Issued to those under 18 €45 or MXN equivalent (€20 online)
Emergency Travel Document Issued only in case of emergency €30 or MXN equivalent
Postage Fees
Local Courier Service $375MXN
International Courier Service €60 or MXN equivalent
International Courier Service - Cuba €105 or MXN equivalent


Payment can only be made by bank transfer. We do not accept cash, credit or debit cards.

Once payment has been made please notify the Embassy through our Contact Us page

Our Accounts:

From abroad

Bank of America
Address: Building A10 floor 1655 grant ST 100 WEST 33 RD ST NY USA 10001
Account: 6290927053
ABA code: 026009593
Beneficiary: Banca Mifel SA
Masaryk 214 piso 2 col. Polanco Chapultepec CP 11560 México DF
Reference: Emb Irlanda 01600089079 (include applicant’s name/incluir nombre de solicitante)

Within Mexico

BANK: Banca Mifel SA
ACCOUNT NO: 01600155802
CLABE 042180016001558025
ACCOUNT NAME: Embajada de Irlanda – incluir nombre de solicitante/ include applicant’s name
ADDRESS: Presidente Masaryk #214 2 do. Piso, Col. Chapultepec Polanco, Del Miguel Hidalgo, C.P. 11560

Where to apply

Embassy of Ireland Mexico
Cda. Blvd. Manuel Avila Camacho, 76-3
Col. Lomas de Chapultepec Seccion I
México D.F. 11000
Main Tel: + 52 55 5520 5803
Fax: + 52 55 5520 5892

Contact Us

Mon - Fri: 09:30 - 13:30