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How do I sell to Nigeria?

Many companies are attracted to Nigeria because of its huge population. You should know your target market well and ensure that your pricing strategy matches your potential clients' requirements. The consumer market may be accessed by employing the right strategy, and Irish exporters of food and drink products are doing very well in Nigeria.

In recent years, Nigeria has become a more popular destination for international companies. Nigerians are quick to travel, to seek partnerships and but goods from outside the country. As a result, competition in the B2B market is becoming increasingly stiff. Affordable, innovative solutions are appreciated as well as warranties and after-sales service. Since price may not be your unique selling points, it is important to know the value you bring. Your clients may also require a track record of doing business in African markets; a proof that you can deliver on ground.

There are experienced marketing companies to support you when your focus is on the customer market. Sales in the B2B market will often be facilitated by your local partner. In most industries it is also possible to sell directly to (large) clients. An exception is the oil & gas sector where the Local Content Act strongly encourages selling through a local partner. Nigerian customers may often prefer direct supply by an international company; they are guaranteed the quality and they avoid the often hefty margins of a middleman. However, when selling directly to clients you should have a clear agreement in place regarding payment and delivery terms.