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Ireland Alumni Network


The Ireland Alumni Network is an initiative supported by the Embassy of Ireland in Nigeria as a way to bring together alumni of Irish Institutions (first-level – third-level) resident in Nigeria.

Ireland's contributions to Nigeria's education system predate the foundation of both countries. Ireland is an old friend of Nigeria, with strong people to people links dating back long before independence. Much of these connections are clear from the work of Irish missionaries, maybe you've heard of Irish priests as teachers. They have long been associated with the provision of high quality education in Nigeria, in the north as well as the south. These days, the missionaries are fewer in number, but many of the educational links are maintained by Nigerian students who choose to study in Irish Universities and Colleges. Nigeria's first Minister for Foreign Affairs Jaja Wachuku, the women's rights and independence activist Margaret Ekpo are among the historical figures who trained in Ireland.

It is also noteworthy to mention that the Embassy of Ireland in Nigeria was the first diplomatic mission opened by Irish government on the African continent, which shows the longstanding mutual relationship between our two countries.


We believe that exchange of knowledge between our two countries, Nigeria and Ireland, will have a transformative change in Nigeria's socio-economic landscape. These highly trained and talented professionals will serve as "worthy ambassadors" of Ireland in Nigeria.

The association aims to serve as a networking platform for all alumni of Irish institutions based in Nigeria. In addition, it will help in the sharing of vital information that may assist the members to advance their careers. The organization will help foster economic, cultural and political ties between Ireland and Nigeria. It will provide advice and mentoring programmes for prospective Nigerian students to higher education institutions in Ireland.


“I have met so many Nigerians of all faiths, many in very senior positions, who have given very positive feedback about how they were educated and how their characters were formed as young men and women by Irish missionaries. The Irish and the Nigerians have been educated by the same people and this goes a long way in helping our two cultures understand each other”.


Ambassador Sean Hoy

Ireland Alumni Network

If you are interested to learn more about the Network or to join the Ireland Alumni Network please contact us.