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History of the Embassy of Ireland in Sierra Leone

Ireland first opened an Overseas Development Assistance office in Sierra Leone in 2005. While this marked the beginning of a more formal relationship between our two countries, the bond between Ireland and Sierra Leone has a long and warm history.

The relationship was forged largely through the work of Irish missionaries, who first came to Sierra Leone in the mid-19th century to work in the areas of health and education.

Dr. Wadi Aboud served as Ireland's distinguished Honorary Consul-General in Sierra Leone from 1978 until his retirement in 2015. He was first appointed by Minister of Foreign Affairs Michael O'Kennedy and delivered quality consular services to the Irish community for almost 40 years, including during the challenging civil war period.

In 2014 our development office was upgraded to an Embassy and Sinéad Walsh was nominated as Ireland's first ambassador to Sierra Leone.

Our office continues to expand and now almost 20 Irish and Sierra Leonean colleagues work side by side to deliver our shared objectives.

Ambassador of Ireland to Sierra Leone

2014 Sinéad Walsh
2016 Catherine Campbell
2019 Lesley Ní Bhriain