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SBD Competition 2022

St Brigid's Day Social Media Competition Terms and Conditions


1)      Entries must be submitted by 11.59PM (local time) on 20 Feb

2)      Accounts must be public and following us

3)      Tag your posts with #SBDsea2022 and #SBDsg2022 to participate in this competition

4)      You may use a video or a photo with captions to tell your nominee’s story. Why is she so inspiring or creative to you? Stories and Instagram reels are not accepted as entries!

5)      Video length must not exceed 60 seconds

6)      The woman nominated must be someone you know personally

7)      All entries must be submitted in English

8)      Only one entry is allowed per participant

9)      You must also be a resident in a country which the Embassy of Ireland Singapore is accredited to in order to be eligible for this competition.

10)   Upon participation, you consent to us using your entry for embassy communication activities

11)   The best 2 entries (one finalist and runner-up) selected at the embassy’s discretion will each receive a hamper featuring attractive goodies from talented and creative Irish women

12)   The finalist will enter a poll with the other finalists (6 total) from the region. The most popular entry selected by the public will win a pair of economy air fare flight tickets to Ireland

13)   Embassies will not be in a position to cover any additional expenses beyond the cost of the 2x economy class air fares to Ireland. All additional costs, such as but not limited to accommodation, expenses, visa fees, COVID-19 testing, meals, etc. are to be borne by the participant

14)   The winning participant must ensure they meet all entry requirements for Ireland (this includes visa and vaccination requirements)

15)   Embassies will not be in a position to assist with visa application, the winning entry must ensure they meet the requirements for entry to Ireland, which can be found here: