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Passport Fees

How much does an Irish Passport cost?

The fee depends on the type of passport you apply for:

Standard Passports

  • Standard 10-year 34-page passport – SGD $145
  • Large 66-page, 10-year passport  –  SGD $190
  • Standard 5-year passport for minors, age 0-17 years, those between 3 and 18 years – SGD $70
  • Emergency Travel Document* – SGD $45

Additional Fees

Out of hours fee** - SGD $120

Passport Certification Fee*** - SGD $60

*This fee applies to both Emergency Travel Certificates and emergency passports.

**The fee is additional to the fee for the passport itself.

***This a standard consular fee that is charged for the verification or certification of any document.

We regret that we cannot accept payment by debit or credit card. We accept payment by cash, cheque or postal orders, which should be made payable to the "Embassy of Ireland" in the relevant Singapore dollar amount.