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Irish community in Spain

There are thousands of Irish people living and working in Spain, who continue to make a positive contribution to our country, whether by building economic development, raising awareness of our culture or by creating a positive image of Ireland here in Spain.

Some very successful Irish organisations in Spain include the Irish Club in Marbella, CARA, the official Irish/Basque Association, Irish in Barcelona, Valencia Irish Cultural Association, Asociación Española de Estudios Irlandeses and Irish Community in the Balearics. The are many GAA clubs listed here which may be of interest to you -  Madrid Harps, Costa Gaels GAA, Eire Og Sevilla GAA, Galician Gaelic Games Association, Sant Vincent GAA Valencia, Barcelona Gaels GAA Club, Celta Malaga GAA, Gaélicos do Gran Sol GAA and Zaragoza GAA, Gaelic Games Andalucia GAA