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Recognition of Qualifications

Find out more about the procedure involved in attaining recognition of a degree for the purposes of employment or study.

For full information on recognition of EU degrees, you should consult the website of the relevant section within the Spanish Ministry for Education:

Centro NARIC

NARIC Centre of Spain

Subdirección General de Títulos,

Convalidaciones y Homologaciones,

Paseo del Prado,

28 28014 Madrid,


Tel: +34 91 506 5593
Fax: +34 91 506 5706


As a rough guide, you will generally need to provide the following documentation (you should confirm this with the NARIC centre):

  1. an authenticated photocopy of degree i.e. a copy which has been stamped as being a true copy of an original document, at the Irish Embassy in Madrid or the Department of Foreign Affairs, Dublin*
  2. a certificate from Registration Section of the Irish Department of Education which certifies that the applicant is recognised as being qualified according to the degree (this section of the Department of Education is located in Athlone)*
  3. course syllabus*
  4. authenticated photocopy of applicant´s passport.

* 1, 2 and 3 will require authenticated translations into Spanish.

If you are facing difficulties in having your professional qualifications recognised in Spain, SOLVIT EU may be able to assist you. Website:

SOLVIT provides a fast, free and online resolution of cross-border problems caused by the incorrect application of EU internal market law by the public authorities of EU states and can help you to resolve issues connected with the free movement of goods, people and services within the EU.