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Andorran Working Holiday Agreement

Ireland has a Working Holiday Agreement with Andorra, which allows 25 young Andorrans annually to take extended holidays in Ireland for up to a year, and to take employment as an incidental aspect of this stay. The aim of the scheme is to allow young Andorrans to work and study English or Irish; and to introduce them to the people, culture and landscape of Ireland. Participants will have one year from date of issue of the authorisation to enter Ireland.

The working holiday permission may be issued to Andorran citizens who:

  • Is aged between eighteen (18) and thirty (30) years, both inclusive, at the time of application;
  • Has not previously taken part in Ireland’s “Working Holiday Programme “
  • Satisfies the authorising officer that his/her primary intention is to holiday in Ireland with employment being an incidental rather than the primary reason for the visit;
  • Is not accompanied by his/her spouse, children, partner or dependents (any such person would need to apply separately for an authorisation under this programme and would be subject to the same eligibility criteria);
  • Holds a valid Andorran passport with a validity date exceeding the expected period of stay in Ireland;
  • Has a return ticket or enough money to buy such a ticket;
  • Has enough at least €2500 in their bank account to cover their maintenance during the period of stay in Ireland
  • Pays the prescribed working holiday authorisation fee of €20.
  • Agrees to hold comprehensive medical insurance covering hospitalisation, liability and medical repatriation, to remain in force throughout his / her stay in Ireland;
  • Has no criminal record.

In order to submit your application for a working holiday authorisation, you should send one email to Madrid.Visados@dfa.ie with Andorra WHA in the subject line. In the email you should state that you are interested in participating in the WHA programme As the number of permissions each year is capped at 25, applications will be processed in the order in which they are received.

Applicants are reminded that upon obtaining a Working Holiday Permission, they will be authorized to stay in Ireland for a maximum period of twelve (12) months, non-renewable. They may leave and re-enter Ireland and work, provided it is not a permanent job. They may also study or train during their stay.

Information on what you need to do when you arrive in Ireland and how to register with the relevant authorities, can be found here:

Registration of non-EEA nationals (citizensinformation.ie)