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Consular Fees

The following is a list of fees charged for Consular Services carried out by the Embassy of Ireland. For further details on these services please check the relevant section of our website.

Service Provided

Certificate of Freedom to Marry


Certificates de Coutume (marriage) – Payment taken online

€60 (Euro)

Statutory Declarations, Statements, Oaths


Witnessed Statutory Declaration, Sworn Statement/Oath

  70 CHF



Visas: single entry

  70 CHF

Visas: multiple entries

117 CHF

Visa fees: transit

  30 CHF



Passport, Standard, 32 pages (10 years), Adult

  118 CHF

Passport, Large, 48 pages (10 years), Adult

152 CHF

Passport, Child/Youth, under 18 years (5 years)

  60 CHF