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Visa Processing Times and Weekly Decision Reports

Visa Processing Times

Processing times for fully complete visa applications submitted to the Irish Visa Office, Ankara are as follows:

Visa Category

Processing Time

Business, Conference and Long Terrm Employment Related, Internship Visas

2 weeks

Long Stay Employment Visas

2 weeks

Join Family of CSEP or GEP

2 weeks


16 weeks

Short Stay Language Visa

6 weeks

Join Family Visas

6 - 12 months

English Language Long Stay Study Visas

6 months

Third Level Study and Scientific Researcher

4 weeks


26 weeks

Weekly Decision Report

Each week, a report detailing all decisions made in the previous week at the visa office Ankara is posted to this page.

This information is hosted on behalf of the responsible authority, Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service, to whom any enquiries should be directed.

Please use your unique online application number to search these reports for your decision: