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Successful EU Open House, 9 May 2015

Embassy USA EU Openhouse 2015

The 9th annual EU Open House took place on 9 May 2015 in Washington.  All European Union Embassies and the EU Delegation were open to the public.  It is an opportunity to experience the best of European culture without the jet lag!

EU Open house

The Embassy of Ireland welcomed a record number of visitors this year.  Over 6,000 people passed through our doors to learn more about Ireland, our culture and the strong links between our two great nations.  The Irish dancing, music and display of rugby skills were hugely popular for those queuing in the sun!

EU Openhouse

The Embassy would like to convey particular thanks to all of our partner organisations and sponsors who participated in EU Open House.  Our visitors were hugely impressed with the entertainment, display of sporting skills and the extensive information on offer about Irish culture, tourism, the Irish language and the Irish community in Washington and beyond.

Of course, a particular highlight were the samples available of Irish food.  The popularity of Irish cheeses and brown bread are renowned!

EU openhouse, Irish food