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Education in Ireland

How we can help

At the Embassy and through our network of Consulates General across the United States, we work closely with our colleagues in Enterprise Ireland, under the banner of ‘Education in Ireland’ and with Irish universities and colleges to encourage American students to live and learn in Ireland.

We can:

  • Provide general advice on studying in Ireland
  • Support Irish universities and colleges wishing to engage with and expand in the US market, in conjunction with Enterprise Ireland and the ‘Education in Ireland’ brand  

Education in Ireland

The Embassy works closely with key Irish state agency with primary responsibility for promoting ‘Education in Ireland’ (Enterprise Ireland). In conjunction with the work of our colleagues in Enterprise Ireland, under the banner of ‘Education in Ireland’ and with the Irish universities and colleges, we work to encourage more US students to spend some time living and learning in Ireland.

In 2013, 8,000 American students chose to study in Ireland, making us the 9th most popular destination for study abroad among US students.

Each academic year, these US students make a valued contribution to the diversity and vibrancy of the student community on Irish campuses, as well as to the Irish economy.

Ireland is a world-class destination for US students. An education in Ireland is a transformational experience, which adds significant value to the personal development and economic potential of our graduates and binds them to the global Irish family.

For these reasons we believe that an Education in Ireland delivers world class standards with the warmest of welcomes.