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How do I renounce my citizenship?

If you're an Irish citizen living abroad and you want to apply for citizenship of another country, you may need to renounce your Irish citizenship.

You can renounce your Irish citizenship if:

  • You are over 18 years of age
  • You live outside the State
  • You are, or are about to become, a citizen of another country

You need to:

1. Complete a declaration of alienage form

2. Get your declaration witnessed (there's a list of acceptable witnesses on your form)

3. Submit the following documents to the Embassy in Washington DC, at below address:

  • If born in Ireland, a notarized copy of your long form Irish Birth Certificate. Otherwise, one of the following proofs of citizenship; original copy of certificate of post nuptial citizenship; original copy of your entry into the Foreign Births Register; original copy of Naturalisation Certificate; proof of birth to an Irish parent proof of birth to an Irish parent (– notarized copies of Irish parent’s long form civil birth certificate, your parents’ marriage certificate and your long form civil birth certificate).
  • Notarized copies of three forms of identification (one of which should be a US passport and one of which should include your address)
  • Two notarized passport photographs, indicating that they are a true likeness
  • Any Irish passport held
  • A short note stating the reason for renunciation

4. Send all documents to:

Embassy of Ireland,

2234 Massachusetts Ave NW,

Washington DC 20008