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Please be advised that the Partnership for Peace Delegation, Brussels website has moved and this page is no longer being updated. The Delegation's website is now available at Ireland.ie/partnership-for-peace-delegation-brussels.

Ireland in the Partnership for Peace Programme

Ireland’s relationship with NATO is set within the framework of Partnership for Peace (PfP), which Ireland joined in 1999. The aim of Partnership is to enhance stability and security throughout Europe. Ireland’s engagement with NATO remains within our policy of military neutrality, but reflects the potential benefits to Ireland from engaging in the networks that NATO provides. 

The existing relationship has primarily involved ensuring the interoperability of our Defence Forces, which has greatly facilitated Ireland’s participation in UN and EU missions overseas.

Participation in these missions is founded on a deep commitment to the UN and the values and principals of its Charter, which are a cornerstone of our foreign policy. Ireland is currently contributing to the UN-mandated, NATO-led peacekeeping operation in Kosovo. In the past, Ireland has also supported the NATO operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Ireland’s Liaison Office to Partnership for Peace works bilaterally and in cooperation with like-minded missions to advance Ireland's views and interests in these areas, including in relation to the implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 on women, peace and security; the Protection of Civilians; the Protection of Children in Armed Conflict; and good governance. Ireland has funded decommissioning, demining, disarmament, peacekeeping, destruction of pesticides, advancement of Resolution 1325 and anti-corruption measures through its support for NATO Trust Funds, while in 2022 Ireland provided €1 million to enhance cyber security in Ukraine, following a request circulated via NATO channels.

The current NATO Contact Point Embassy in Dublin is the Embassy of Belgium.