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Universal Periodic Review

The Universal Periodic Review (UPR) is an intergovernmental process within the Human Rights Council which ensures the review of all UN Member States’ human rights records.

It provides States with the opportunity to highlight the steps they have taken to fulfil their human rights obligations and to promote human rights in their countries.  It also provides the possibility for States to make concrete recommendations to other States with a view to improving their human rights situations.

The UPR process ensures that all States are treated on an equal footing and allows human rights concerns in relation to all States to be raised.  It is a continuing process of peer evaluation which aims to develop the respect for human rights worldwide and to enhance the human rights performance of each State.

Ireland was reviewed in 2011 and submitted a voluntary mid-term report in 2014 on the implementation of recommendations made to us by other UN members.  Ireland will have its next UPR review in April 2016.