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Explanation of Vote - MINUSCA

Mr. President,


Ireland welcomes the adoption of this resolution renewing MINUSCA's mandate for one year.


In a context marked by the persistence of violence, and with a heavy price being paid by the civilian population, humanitarian workers and peacekeepers, it was essential for the Security Council to reaffirm its support for MINUSCA.


Mr. President,


Challenges to the freedom of movement of the mission, including continued restrictions on night flights, which the SRSG recently informed the Council are essential for the safety and security of peacekeepers, make it difficult for MINUSCA to fulfil its mandate. I echo the Secretary General in urging the Government to uphold its commitment to take appropriate measures to fully implement the Status of Forces Agreement.


Mr. President,


To conclude, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to France, as penholder, for their untiring efforts, to reconcile diverging views, and secure agreement on this important resolution.


Thank you.

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