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Explanation of Vote - Ukraine

Thank you, Mr. President.


Ireland voted in favour of this resolution. We did so because we believe there must be a robust response from the Security Council to yet another blatant breach of the UN Charter by the Russian Federation in its war of aggression against Ukraine.


Ireland remains fully committed to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognised borders.


Earlier this week, Ireland condemned the sham referenda conducted in occupied Ukrainian territory by Russia or its proxies.


Today, we categorically reject the so-called results of those illegal and illegitimate referenda, and announcements purporting to annex Ukrainian territory. They have no legal effect.


As I said at our meeting on Tuesday: this is nothing more than a blatant land grab by the Russian Federation. Let me be clear: Ukraine’s borders have not changed.


The sham referenda did not reflect the popular or freely expressed will of the Ukrainian people.


They are illegal. They violate the UN Charter. They violate Russia’s obligations under international law. They violate the law of occupation.




Once again, the Russian Federation has shamefully used the veto in a flagrant attempt to excuse its own military aggression against Ukraine, a fellow member of our United Nations.


The shocking images of civilians killed or injured near Zaporizhzhia this morning are a stark reminder that it is civilians who are paying the highest price for Russia’s senseless war.


The use of this anachronistic veto in these terrible and tragic circumstances is simply reprehensible and undermines the legitimacy of this Council in the eyes of the watching world.


However, this veto will not prevent the international community from responding to Russia’s blatant breaches of international law. This veto will not deter us from holding Russia accountable for its actions.


In accordance with Resolution 76/262, Ireland calls on the Council to submit a special report on the use of the veto in this instance to the General Assembly.


Thank you. 

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