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Explanation of Vote Abstention - Ukraine Resolution put forward by Russia

Madam President,


Ireland abstained in this morning’s vote for a clear and simple reason.


The resolution tabled by the Russian Federation does nothing to ease the humanitarian suffering of the Ukrainian people. Indeed, the draft before us today failed to call for the very thing that would end civilian deaths, that would stop the destruction of Ukrainian cities, that would would facilitate safe and unhindered evacuation of civilians and humanitarian access.


That is, this resolution, failed to call for an immediate end to hostilities. It was simply a cynical abuse of the multilateral system by the aggressor in this war.


If the Russian Federation wishes to take action to relieve the humanitarian suffering of the Ukrainian people, it should end this war now.


Madam President,


Ireland could not vote in favour of a resolution that purported to address the humanitarian situation, but which did not recognise the cause of the humanitarian crisis that is engulfing Ukraine. A humanitarian crisis, with global consequences, that is causing food insecurity on other continents.


We remain horrified by the humanitarian suffering being endured by millions of people in Ukraine, and the plight of those forced to leave their families and their country.


Ireland’s priority is to address and alleviate the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Ukraine, and we are committed to working constructively with all those who share this goal. 


Finally, Madam President,



It is a matter of deep regret that we, members of the Council, have not been able to act collectively to address the suffering of the Ukrainian people. We have been prevented from doing so by the actions of the Russian Federation, the aggressor in this war. It is shameful that a permanent member of this Security Council has acted in this way.


Thank you Madam President.




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