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National Statement delivered by Ambassador Byrne Nason at UNSC Briefing on Central African Republic

Merci Monsieur le Président,


Je voudrais d’abord à remercier Madame la Ministre d’être avec nous ce matin.  Je remercie également le Représentant Spéciale du Secrétaire Général Ndiaye pour son intervention très éclairante. Je remercie aussi le « A3 plus 1 » d’avoir proposé cette réunion opportune du Conseil.


Je voudrais rendre hommage aux sept casques bleus qui ont perdu la vie depuis le début de la période électorale. J’exprime mes condoléances les plus sincères à leurs familles. L’Irlande condamne dans les termes les plus fermes tout attentat et violence contre les casques bleus, et nous appelons les autorités de la RCA à poursuivre en justice les auteurs.


Monsieur le Président,

Ces élections présentent l’occasion de progrès dans la République Centrafricaine. Nous saluons l’engagement démocratique du peuple centrafricain ainsi que sa détermination de voter, même face à la violence et à l’insécurité. Cette détermination devrait inspirer les autorités, et toutes les parties, de s’engager sincèrement au processus électoral et de faire tout ce qui est en leur pouvoir pour représenter les volontés la population de la RCA.


Le travail de la société civile, en particulier les femmes et les dirigeants religieux, a été essentiel dans la facilitation du processus, ce qui nous démontre que les processus inclusifs sont indispensables pour consolider la paix.


Mr. President,

Ireland believes that all stakeholders must respect the decision of the Constitutional Court taken earlier this week. We call on all to address concerns and differences of opinion peacefully and through dialogue.


For this to progress, we ask the government to engage with the opposition in an open manner and substantive dialogue. We welcome President Touadera’s statement on the need for national reconciliation following the recent violence, we look forward to seeing that underpinned by action. We urge the government to continue to work with signatory groups that remain committed to the Political Agreement, and to actively endeavour to bring others back to the discussion.


Mr. President,

We are convinced that this Council needs to send a clear message that progress made on the implementation of the Political Agreement simply cannot be allowed to slide further back. We know that full involvement of all stakeholders across CAR is essential to securing peace, that includes political, civil society and opposition actors. Ireland also knows from our own experience just how challenging it can be to keep the lines of communication open, but we also know how absolutely vital they are to the establishment and maintenance of peace.


I also want to say Mr. President that accountability matters. The cycle of impunity is inextricably linked to the cycle of conflict, whenever there’s impunity we need to break the link if there is to be hope for stability.  We call on the authorities to ensure that perpetrators of violence and human rights violations and abuses, including those perpetrated against children and those involving sexual and gender based violence, are fully held to account.


Mr. President,

We continue to be gravely concerned by the ongoing and deteriorating humanitarian situation on the ground in CAR. It is critical that the Cameroon to Bangui road is made secure in order to allow the movement of goods into the country. 60,000 people have fled to neighbouring countries just since December, with tens of thousands more, we understand, displaced internally. We call on all parties to ensure full, safe, immediate and unhindered humanitarian access, in accordance with international law and Resolution 2552 (2020) and to respect humanitarian principles.


We salute the work of MINUSCA in these extremely challenging circumstances. Put simply, it has been extraordinary. We all know that the mission is being stretched beyond capacity.   It is fundamental that the mission has the resources necessary to deliver on its first priority of protecting civilians. Last week, we heard of the critical contribution of the Rwandan infantry and Sri Lankan aviation units from UNMISS, which allowed MINUSCA to react to the actions of armed groups. Mr. President, this Council must ensure that MINUSCA has the resources it needs to maintain its robust posture.


To conclude, Mr. President, the instability in the Central African Republic is of grave concern we all share that view and significant effort must now be made to resolve this situation peacefully. These elections represent an important opportunity. This Council, the authorities of CAR, and all national and regional stakeholders, must work together towards the peaceful and secure future that the people of CAR so deeply deserve.


Thank you, Mr. President.



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